Meet the Leadership Team

A Glimpse into Our Dynamic Leadership Team

At Valley Construction Services Inc. (VCSI), we understand that the cornerstone of any successful project lies in the strength and expertise of its leadership. Our executive team, comprised of seasoned professionals in the construction industry and project management, stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence. With decades of experience under their belts, these leaders bring a wealth of knowledge, skill, and a shared vision of exceeding expectations to every endeavor we undertake.

Juan Barroso

Leading the charge is Juan Barroso, our President and Chief Estimator. With an impressive tenure of over 27 years in the construction sector, Juan’s expertise spans financial and operational oversight, contract management, and business development. His journey through various high-profile positions, including his pivotal roles at Blach Construction Co., has shaped him into a leader whose focus on customer satisfaction and service excellence is unparalleled. At VCSI, Juan not only oversees the financial and operational aspects but also spearheads cost estimating processes and project management, ensuring that each project not only meets but surpasses our clients’ expectations.

Wes Eckhart

Wes Eckhart, our General Manager, is the strategic force behind our day-to-day operations. With two decades dedicated to the industry, Wes’s expertise in design, project management, and company operations has been instrumental in consistently meeting and exceeding customer satisfaction. His dual role at Valley Construction and Derivi Castellanos Architects underscores his versatile skill set, enabling him to manage key accounts and maintain robust relationships with subcontractors and consultants. Wes’s comprehensive approach to overseeing company operations ensures the seamless execution of projects and the effective allocation of resources.

Stuart Young

Stuart Young, our General Superintendent, brings a remarkable four decades of experience to VCSI. His profound understanding of workforce management, subcontractor coordination, and safety protocols has been crucial in maintaining the high-quality standards VCSI is known for. Stuart’s dedication to excellence and his hands-on approach ensure that every project is not only efficiently staffed but also adheres to the highest safety standards.

Chris Brown

Chris Brown, our Controller, introduces an invaluable perspective with over 25 years of experience in higher education administration and facilities management. His unique insight into the financial and operational needs of our educational sector clients allows VCSI to tailor our services to meet the specific challenges and requirements of these projects. Chris’s expertise ensures that our approach is not only comprehensive but also empathetic to the nuanced needs of our clients.

A Team That Builds Futures

The synergy between our leaders at VCSI is not just about completing projects; it’s about laying the foundations for futures. Each member of our executive team brings a unique set of skills and perspectives, yet they share a common goal: to drive VCSI’s success while fostering strong relationships with our clients. As we look ahead, we are confident that under the guidance of our distinguished leaders, VCSI will continue to break new ground in the construction industry and project management, shaping landscapes and futures alike.